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Quantitative Health by Dr. Paul Kilgore

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Mar 14, 2020

Hi, In today's podcast, we address recent stories in the news during the COVID-19 pandemic.  One story relates to people using or selling products containing silver.  Some people sell this or call this Colloidal Silver.  I am here to tell you unequivocally that these products are not only scamming people but there is zero evidence that they may be effective in treating any viral infection let alone Coronavirus infections. The worst part about these products is that not only are they without positive effects, they may actually cause damage and be dangerous to your body. They are quite potentially dangerous to women, dangerous to men, dangerous to everyone. There is evidence that silver will be absorbed into key tissues and be transported to organs. Listen to hear more and beware: if you have these products, I would discard them immediately and if you are considering buying them---don't.  I am Dr. Paul Kilgore, write me and find me at